Resource dimensions

Resource Dimensions is an innovative, woman-owned firm of networked associates that specialise in the integration of social, environmental, economic and policy information in the analysis, and crafting of enduring solutions to today’s intractable land use, social and natural resource problems. Founded in 1995, Resource Dimensions originally served as the research arm of 4 Ever Land Conservation Associates. Today Resource Dimensions has evolved into a dynamic multidisciplinary alliance of premier national and international associates from diverse fields as economics, law, land conservation, planning, natural resource management, geography, agriculture, forestry, ecology, conservation biology, and social policy.

With over 20 years experience working with public, private and non-profit clients in the US and abroad, co-founder and principal, Dr. Julie Ann Gustanski, has earned a reputation for sound integrated technical analysis, convincing communication, and developing whole-systems approaches for numerous land use and natural resource management decision-making processes by producing useful, cost effective, and precedent-setting results.

Service Areas
• Resource & Environmental Economics
• Land Use Economics & Planning Analysis
• Social Valuation & Qualitative Analysis
• Regulatory & Litigation Analysis
• Land Trusts & Land Preservation Programs

Resource & Environmental Economic Analyses
     Resource & Environmental Economics
• Environmental Impact Statements / NEPA & State Regulatory Compliance 
• Ecological Services & Environmental Goods Valuation
• Economic Impact Analysis
• Species Protection &  Reintroduction Studies 
• Water Rights Valuation
• Natural Resource Tourism, Recreation, and Amenity Studies
• Park and Recreational Area Market & Feasibility Analysis
• Resource Damage Valuation

Land Use Economics & Planning Analysis
• Integrated Decision Support Models
• Development & Fiscal Impact Analyses
• Land Use Impact Studies & Forecast Analyses
• Smart Growth & Rural Economic Development
• Housing Needs, Market, and Feasibility Analysyes
• Conservation Easement, PDR, and TDR Program

Analysis & Development
• Easement Baseline Reports & Monitoring  
• Land Consumption/Build-out Analysis
• Conservation Valuation Analysis
• Critical, Forest & Natural Lands Regulation Review
• Smart Growth and Sustainability
• Socio-economic Assessment
• Content Analysis
• Contingent Valuation Surveys
• Focus Groups, Charrettes, Citizen Juries
• Ethnographic Studies & Qualitative Data Analysis
• Stakeholder and Public Participation Processes
• Cultural Views & Attitudes Towards Land Use and

Environmental Issue

  • Community Land TrustsNatural Resource & Environmental Damage Valuation
  • Housing Needs, Market & Feasibility Analyse

   Regulatory & Litigation Support 

• Legislation/Regulation Analysis
• Expert Panel Development & Coordination
• Testimony Preparation 
• Economic Damage Valuation
• Deposition Review & Preparation
• Research & Memorandum Preparation
• Liability Assessment
• Products Liability, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury,

Property Damage, Environmental Damages and Contamination, Superfund / Toxics, Malpractice, and Worker’s Compensation

Land Trusts & Land Preservation
• Conservation Valuation Studies
• Conservation/Cluster Development
• Real Estate & Land Transactions
• Strategic Conservation Planning
• Conservation Easements
• Organization Capacity Planning & Development
• Sustainable Development Analysis
• Economic Benefits of Protected Lands
• PDR and TDR Program Feasibilty Studies and Development