The objectives of this proposal are as follows:

  • Objective 1: Development and Validation of a fault tolerant, scalable off-board decision-making system to determine the optimal coordination of platoons, under current infrastructure state, in order to improve the energy effectiveness and safety of road transportation systems.
  • Objective 2: Development and Validation of a fault tolerant, scalable on-board system for coordinated heavy-duty platooning.
  • Objective 3: Development and Validation of multimodal, in-vehicle and coordination centre user interfaces to safely and effectively inform and interact with platooning drivers and transport planners.
  • Objective 4: Identification of standardisation and legislative gaps and the proposal of legal solutions and new technological standards to advance the large-scale adoption of platooning technologies.
  • Objective 5: The demonstration of platooning operations on European roads in multiple countries.