The consortium has been formed, bearing in mind the objectives of COMPANION, i.e. to fill the technological and socio/legal gaps towards an actual exploitation of the platooning concept by developing a scalable, integrated solution for collaborative driving, suited to supervise a dynamic, on the road creation and dissolution of platoons, by merging vehicles (or sub-platoons) that only share subparts of their routes. This solution will transform the current transport planning into a global optimisation of the fleet, maximising the number of running platoons in order to reduce fuel consumption.

The consortium is formed up by the following 7 complementary partners from 4 European countries (Sweden, Germany, Spain and Niederland), ensuring a widespread European coverage and impact:

The consortium consists of a multidisciplinary team, integrating scientific and best-practice expertise in inter alia:

  • Heavy vehicle platooning
  • Driver information systems
  • Data fusion techniques
  • Electronics and communication
  • Networked control systems
  • Automotive architectures
  • High-tech solutions for processing and analysis of satellite data
  • Risk factors and scenarios
  • Standardization and certification development